The 5 Big Questions:

Question 1: How much does a membership cost?

You get a discount on membership if you are in uniform. If you're in uniform, the cost of membership is $24.99 per person per month. Parents who attend class with a dependent student may attend free of charge.

Question 2: How much does a uniform cost?

Shirt Prices

A uniform consists of four pants: shoes, pants, shirt, and belt. Shoes cost $24.59. Most people supply black sweatpants for their first few months of class. Belt is included in your monthly membership. Most often, a uniform shirt is the only item a new student will need to buy. The prices of shirts vary by size.

Question 3: Is there any way to get a discount on a uniform shirt or shoes?

Yes! All purchases made in uniform or buying up to uniform include a 30% discount. Students in uniform bring a more professional feel to the Kung Fu Club, and make learning more effective for everyone. It solidifies our sense of connection and belonging. For this reason, students in uniform get a discount.

Question 4: I can't afford $24.99 per month. Is there a reduced tuition option?

Yes! There are several options for people who cannot afford tuition. I'm dedicated to making sure that there is easy access to classes for all, without the need for a lengthy or intrusive questionnaire. Please contact me directly through Facebook in order to get more information on this.

Question 5: Is anything else required?

Strictly speaking, no. I suggest you get sparring gear (gloves, head gear, mouth guard) to participate in sparring. To come and learn Kung Fu is $24.99 with your uniform.